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1L Outer Canister For Suction Liners to fit DSU 7

1L Outer Canister For Suction Liners to fit DSU 7


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1L Disposable Suction Canister for DJMed DSU 7

This 1-liter suction canister is designed for use with disposable suction liner bags and the DJMed DSU 7 suction unit. Providing safe and convenient fluid waste collection, it allows for quick canister changes to promote efficient suctioning procedures.

  • 1L Capacity: Accommodates 1 liter suction liner bags without overfilling
  • DJMed DSU 7 Compatible: Precisely engineered to seamlessly integrate with the DJMed DSU 7 suction system
  • Disposable Design: Single-use canisters prevent cross-contamination between patients
  • Quick-Release Lid: Allows fast removal and replacement of filled suction bags
  • Measurement Markings: Graduations to easily monitor fill levels

Simple to set up and change out, this disposable suction canister ensures clinicians always have an ready-to-use collection reservoir on hand. The transparent design allows for clear visualization of colours and fill status.

Constructed of durable polypropylene, the canister is impact and leak-resistant to contain fluid splashing and spills. The small footprint takes up minimal space.

Order this 1L disposable suction canister for seamless use with DJMed suction equipment and disposable suction bag liners in hospital, surgical and clinical settings. Sold individually for convenience.

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Optimize your fluid management system with our 1L Canister for Disposable Suction Liner Bags, meticulously engineered for seamless compatibility with the DJMed DSU 7 Suction Unit. This canister provides a robust and reliable solution for collecting and containing medical waste, ensuring a sterile and efficient environment in a variety of healthcare settings.

Enhance the efficiency and hygiene of your medical facility with our 1L Canister for Disposable Suction Liner Bags. Trust in a product crafted to meet the highest standards of medical care, providing you with the reliability and performance you need to deliver exceptional patient care.