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1L Suction Liners to fit DSU 7

1L Suction Liners to fit DSU 7


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Disposable 1L suction liner bags for use with DSU 7 suction units in medical and surgical settings

Made of durable, liquid-resistant materials, they provide an easy and sanitary way to collect fluid and other waste safely contained within the liner.

  • Capacity: 1 litter volume to accommodate fluid waste without overflowing
  • Compatible: Designed specifically to fit DSU 7 suction canisters securely
  • Anti-Leak Seal: Airtight seal prevents leaks and spills
  • Quick Connect: Simply twist bag onto canister to create an airtight seal
  • Disposable: For single-use only to prevent cross-contamination

Simple to use and remove, these disposable suction liners promote safety and infection control protocols. The 1L capacity is suitable for many fluid management needs across a variety of healthcare environments.

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Ensure a clean, efficient, and hygienic medical environment with our 1L Suction Liner Bags, specifically designed for compatibility with DJMed DSU 7 Suction Units. These premium-quality liners are an essential component for healthcare facilities, providing reliable performance in a variety of medical and surgical settings.

Designed to perfectly fit DJMed Suction Units, ensuring seamless integration and reliable operation. Each liner has a 1-liter capacity, making it ideal for procedures requiring moderate fluid collection. Constructed with durable, medical-grade materials to prevent leaks, spills, and contamination, ensuring a safe and sterile environment.

Features a secure, easy-to-use closure system that minimizes the risk of spills during disposal. Quick and simple to install, reducing downtime and maintaining efficiency in high-paced medical settings. Single-use liners designed for hassle-free disposal, adhering to strict medical waste management protocols. Ideal for:

  • Hospitals and Clinics: Ideal for use in emergency rooms, operating theaters, and intensive care units.
  • Dental and Outpatient Clinics: Suitable for various dental procedures and outpatient treatments.
  • Home Healthcare: Convenient for use with portable DJMed Suction Units for patients requiring home care.