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Direct-Connect ECG 5-Leads Snap Cable

Direct-Connect ECG 5-Leads Snap Cable


The Direct-Connect 5 Leads ECG snap, latex-free cable with a round, keyed 6-pin connector’ is a durable snap-to-snap lead with a high degree of flexibility, minimal impedance, and low resistance.

The AHA lead colour coding makes it easier for the professional to identify patients and lead during procedures resulting in better patient care.

  • Minimal impedance
  • Latex free and flexible
  • Five leads snap with AHA colour-coding
  • Compatible with ECG monitoring device


Our 5 Leads ECG snap is latex-free, with a flexible cable and ’round keyed 6-pin connector. It is made from high-quality materials. With AHA lead colour coding, no prescribing or special training is required. The patient can be easily monitored with snap leads and monitor.

LATEX FREE AND FLEXIBLE: The 5 Leads ECG snap is made from quality PVC material making it flexible, and strong. It is latex-free, preventing irritation following contact with the skin surface.

MINIMAL IMPEDANCE: This ECG lead has been designed and engineered to ensure minimal impedance. Once connected, it offers optimal and reliable electrical contact between the electrodes and your heart.

EASY-TO-USE: Snap-style ECG leads with a latex-free cable, snap-style 6-pin connector, and AHA lead colour coding help you to easily and quickly attach the electrodes.

6-PIN CONNECTOR: The 5 Leads ECG snap, latex-free cable with a round, keyed 6-pin connector connects to any standard ECG/heart monitor. AHA lead colour coding makes it quick and easy to identify the correct lead placement on the patient.


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