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DJMed T4 Forehead Infrared Thermometer

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DJMed T4 Forehead Infrared Thermometer

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Non-contact forehead thermometer suitable for all ages, including infants and young children

DJMed T4 is a non-contact forehead thermometer using an infrared sensor to measure body temperature from the temple for adult and child at home.


SAFE & HYGIENIC: No patient skin contact required for a convenient, non-invasive way of testing body temperature without physical contact.

LARGE, BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY: Intuitive and easy to read.

COMPACT SIZE. Sleek, slim and weighs in at just under 40g. It’s made to be pocket-sized and easy to carry around – a rare convenience when it comes to infrared thermometers.

FEVER GUIDANCE: Colour-coded fever detection and display. A green screen indicates a normal temperature; yellow indicates a fever and red indicates a high fever.

FAST READ: Innovative infrared technology allows for 1 second temperature measurement.

DUAL MODE USE: Use on both people and objects. Measure the temperature of surfaces and objects such as bath water and feeding bottles.