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Domus Auto, Digital Alternating Air Mattress Replacement, Bariatric

Domus Auto, Digital Alternating Air Mattress Replacement, Bariatric


Preorder ETA December 2023

Typically, bariatric residents are younger, healthier, and more independent, lengthening overall care stay and pressure injury treatment.

Severely lacking of supportive equipment and resources inhibits bariatric pressure injury prevention, significantly increasing nursing labor, time and health risks. Most facilities turn away obese patients.

Domus Auto Bariatrics’ wider surface automates firmness calibration and provides sacral pressure relief, ensuring pressure relief, safety, and comfort in any position while minimizing caregivers’ labor.


Auto-calibrating and adjusting firmness optimizes caregiving efficiency and pressure injury prevention.

Manual firmness adjustment allows customization, improving envelopment, immersion, and comfort.

Sacral cushioning provides comfort and stability for postural deformities, mobility, and lifestyle needs.

Specialised bariatric beds, wider, improve care quality and experience, minimizing nursing injury risks.