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Gel Wheelchair Cushion, High Pressure Care

Gel Wheelchair Cushion, High Pressure Care


Pressure relief gel cushion, make sitting comfortable.

Gel & foam chair cushions are very effective for people who need a little extra padding when sitting for extended time periods.

Pressure sores are an issue when sitting immobile where our gel cushion is supporting and contouring for relief from the constant pressure.

Includes wipeable, liquid resistant cover.


Gel chair cushion is a layered design of Lycra neoprene “cushion skin” that is waterproof for easy cleaning, breaths well, has high flexibility and strength as well as being soft to touch.

Followed by a thick, generous layer of high grade, premium supporting silicone gel, which is incredibly soft and supporting, molding to your body shape instead of bulking under it. Thanks to the energy neutral gel properties your body is also kept cool and comfortable, you will feel great without a compromise.

Under the generous layer of gel support cushion has a high density foam tier to support and control gel distribution around your body. This gives you a confident controlled feeling while sitting. This adds perfect weight distribution and durability to the gel wheelchair cushion.

Ideal for medium to high level pressure care.
Uniquely formulated gel that is as a semi liquid. This is a soft, contouring solid form with liquid material characteristics.
Gel never permanent deform even after prolonged usage and always regain its supporting shape.
Designed to optimise pressure redistribution while sitting, popular with bus and taxi drivers.
Designed to provide a comfortable functional and stable sitting environment, will not breakdown or loose support with use. Self-maintained design.
Significantly improves your extensive periods of sitting, we all use these at DearJane office while working.
For wheelchair users who need superior pressure redistribution.
Promotes good posture and helps relieve pressure on the low back.
Helps reduce back / shoulder / neck pain when sitting.
Designed to provide a comfortable functional and stable sitting environment