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Lumbar Support Cushion

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Lumbar Support Cushion


Lumbar Cushion for home, office or car with dual adjustable positioning straps.

Buckle elastic straps make for easy installation and removal.

The modest size, and very light weight of the cushion means it can fit easily into any regular size bag you already own if needed.


Sitting with poor posture can put strain on your body. You can now experience better living, and increased comfort, nearly anywhere you sit. In your home, at the office, and even your car for long commutes. You have peace of mind when you know you can take comfort with you.

Adjustable at any height to meet your personal needs.
Cloth cover is removable for easy cleaning.
Buckle straps wrap around any seat back, and allow quick and easy installation and removal.
Raised sides cradle, and help keep you centered on the back rest.
Dark blue exterior is subtle and does not call attention to your use of the support cushion.