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Nasal CPAP Mask

Nasal CPAP Mask


DJMed Type 3, nasal CPAP mask is ideal if you breathe through your nose while you sleep

Nasal CPAP masks cover your nose from the bridge to the area at the top of your lip. They deliver an indirect airflow and are a good choice if you need higher pressure. If you’re a restless sleeper you may prefer this type of sleep apnea mask.


Rebound Silicone Cushion 

  • Very soft, supple silicone mask cushion in three sizes
  • Silicone cushion seal provide dynamic stability to keep the seal comfortable and secure during the night
Adaptive Silicone Cushion 

  • High wearing comfort, easy and quiet exhalation and good skin compatibility
  • The silicone cushion has an adaptive design at the nose bridge, which can be automatically adjusted according to different face shape, better relieve the pressure of the high nose and improve user experience.
Ultra Quiet Venting 

  • Quiet exhalation system with diffuse flow does not disturb sleep
  • Honeycomb vent design, reducing airflow erosion intensity
Quick-release Hose Connection 

  • Quick-release cord allows rapid removal of DJMed CPAP mask in an emergency
  • The limited number of parts simplifies operation, reduces the mask’s weight and relieves the strain on the environment with less material production and disposal
Soft, Lightweight Headgear 

  • Lightness, the soft, supple mask cushion, adjustable headgear, an excellent fit and other clever details
  • Very resilient materials

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