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Perineal Wheelchair Belt


By keeping the pelvis properly positioned, the perineal belt prevents sliding and falling forward in your wheelchair. This gives users greater independence, safety, and peace of mind when unattended.

Whether you’re looking for increased safety for yourself or a loved one, the Perineal Wheelchair Belt is a valuable addition to your mobility equipment.


Enhanced Stability: The belt helps prevent slouching, tilting, or slipping out of position, reducing the risk of injuries caused by poor posture.

Improved Comfort: Padded for comfort, the belt minimizes friction on the skin while providing gentle support.

Universal Design: One size fits most wheelchairs and can be easily adjusted for a secure and personalized fit.

Breathable and Skin-Friendly Materials: Made with comfortable, breathable materials that allow for airflow and prevent irritation.

Easy to Clean: The belt can be washed by hand or machine for easy maintenance.

Whether for daily use or occasional outings, our Perineal Wheelchair Belt offers unparalleled support and comfort for wheelchair users. Invest in quality support for a more secure and comfortable seated experience.

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