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Reusable Skin Temperature Sensor

Reusable Skin Temperature Sensor


Use this Reusable Skin Temperature Sensor to check the average skin temperature of your patients. The reusable sensor allows for repeated use, and the single channel design is compatible with all infrared thermometers.

  • Reusable
  • Compatible with Infrared thermometers
  • Extra sensitive
  • Excellent build


This Reusable Skin Temperature Sensor is a highly accurate, reusable thermistor sensor that can be used in either medical or veterinary applications. The male mono plug connector makes it easy to connect to any thermometer with a communications port.

REUSABLE: The Skin Temperature Sensor is reusable so that you can use it repeatedly.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most infrared thermometers and designed to work with a wide range of temperatures.

EXCELLENT BUILD: The device has excellent build quality, allowing effective and reliable temperature monitoring.

DURABLE: Don’t settle for cheap knock-off sensors that break in a few weeks. Our temperature sensor is reliable and durable, designed to last you years.


Manufacturer CompatibilityModel
DJMedM8, 8000D
CAS Med750
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DREWaveline EZ MAX
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Nihon KohdenBSM-2300 Life Scope I, BSM-4100 Life Scope P, BSM-5100 Life Scope A, BSM-9510 Life Scope M, BSM-9800 Life Scope S
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