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Universal Reacher Grabber, 80cm

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Universal Reacher Grabber, 80cm


Universal Reacher Grabber pickup tool is made to help you out reach everything no need to bend over, stretch or dwell while picking what you need.

Perfect for the old, disabled and healthcare workers. You can now pick up the litter from your yard without it resulting in a backache.


MAGNETIC TIP: Easy to pick up small metal pieces such as keys, coins, nails, pins.

ANTI-SLIP JAW: Coated with anti-slip material allowing you to lift slippery items.

LARGE DIAMETER JAW: Up to 10cm in diameter for easy access to all type of items.

ERGONOMIC SOFT HANDLE: Soft grip trigger and padded ergonomic handle allow for most comfortable grip and prolonged service life.

LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: With high carrying load capacity, the reacher grabber tool is able to grab objects up to 1kg, lightweight, solid and easy to use.