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Bath Transfer Bench, Height Adjustable


Bath Transfer Bench, Height Adjustable

Original price was: $159.00.Current price is: $149.00.

Adjustable height, ideal for the elderly, injured, ill, or pregnant. Comfortable moulded seat, Sturdy aluminum frame-durable, anti-rust and lightweight.

Transfer tub bench assists individuals while entering and exiting the bath for renewed independence.


The DJMed bath transfer bench is a durable blow-molded bath bench with a backrest and an arm that can be added or removed without the use of tools. The back depth can be adjusted to three positions, and the transfer bench can be reversed to accommodate any bathroom.

Bath Transfer Bench Bring Stability To Your Bathing

Worried about falling, slipping, or not being quite strong enough to get in or out of the bath or shower? It’s a common concern. That’s where a tub transfer bench comes to the rescue. Helps prevent falls in the bathroom while fostering independence.