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Homecare Compressor Nebuliser

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Homecare Compressor Nebuliser

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HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT: Our nebuliser is manufactured and designed by medical professionals that respect high-quality Standards. This device converts liquid medicine into droplets, which can be easily inhaled.

FAST TREATMENT TIME: Our nebuliser has a faster atomization rate. It only takes a few seconds to deliver a fine mist of droplets that penetrate deeply into the lungs, providing medication where it’s needed most.

SUITABLE FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN: This machine is easy to use and ideal for both the elder and kids. Just switch on the device to make it work. Perfect for home use, providing efficient nebulization treatment.

COST-EFFECTIVE: The use of Inhaler can be expensive if you need to inhale medicine daily. Our nebulizer is recommended by most doctors and can be very economical.


Stylish compressor nebuliser perfect for facility and homecare use

DJMed homecare nebuliser from DJMed is built to treat a range of respiratory conditions: COPD, asthma, and other lung diseases.

This device produces a fine mist of droplets that contain active medication delivered into the lungs to help your condition.

The nebuliser is small, strong, and simple to use. With proper use and care, this device will provide you with many years of treatment.