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Hospital Mattress, Triple Layer, King Single

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Hospital Mattress, Triple Layer, King Single


The Triple Layer Mattress hugs the contours of the user’s body, providing maximum support and comfort to patients with poor mobility and reducing the risk of pressure sores.


Triple Layer Mattress is suitable for users who weigh up to 160 kilograms. This multi-weight foam is quite durable and designed to hold up for years. The Triple Layer foam pressure surface helps to reduce pressure and is ideal for patients with poor mobility and those who are prone to pressure ulcers.

This comfortable foam mattress has several health and safety features built into it. Unlike coil or spring mattresses, foam eliminates weak spots that can become increasingly uncomfortable and eventually cause health problems in higher risk patients.

The mattress works similarly to the memory foam beds you’re probably familiar with. The top layer of high density, temperature sensitive memory foam conforms to the body’s shape, helping to decrease pressure on sensitive body parts. There’s even a special area reinforced near the edge of the bed to help prevent foot and ankle ulcers.

Surface is made from vapour permeable, bacteriostatically treated material.

Materials are fire retardant and water resistant.

4 four way stretch cover material prevents slippage and friction.

Waterfall skirt seals moisture out. Welded and taped seams aid in infection control.