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M8 Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System


M8 Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System


M8 Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System assists you in managing your patient’s needs to minimise the risk and burden of pressure injury.

The M8 Alternating Air Mattress system has been designed as a cost-effective solution to aid in the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

The system offers advanced features for the delivery of high quality care to vulnerable patients and residents, whilst remaining easy-to-use for the carer and simple to clean and maintain.


ALTERNATING PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY: Alternating pressure redistributes body weight and reduces constant pressure on specific areas, helping to prevent pressure sores and ulcers.

ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE LEVELS: The ability to adjust the pressure settings allows customization for individual patient needs, ensuring comfort and optimal pressure relief.

CELL-ON-CELL CONSTRUCTION: This design minimizes the risk of bottoming out, providing consistent support and comfort for patients.

LOW AIR LOSS: Low air loss technology helps maintain a dry and comfortable surface by wicking away moisture and regulating temperature.

CPR QUICK DEFLATION: In emergency situations, the mattress can be rapidly deflated to facilitate life-saving CPR procedures.

USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL: An easy-to-use control panel allows healthcare professionals or caregivers to adjust settings and monitor the system’s status with ease.

AUDIBLE ALARMS: Alarms alert caregivers or medical staff to issues such as low pressure, power failure, or system malfunction, ensuring patient safety.

ALTERNATING AND STATIC MODES: Benefit: The ability to switch between alternating and static modes provides flexibility in addressing different patient needs, including those with specific medical conditions.

WEIGHT CAPACITY: High weight capacity ensures that the system can support a wide range of patient sizes and weights, enhancing versatility.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The mattress replacement system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, helping to ensure a hygienic environment.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN: Efficient use of energy reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL: Sophisticated control systems can monitor and adjust pressure levels dynamically, optimizing patient comfort and pressure relief.

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