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1L Suction Pump Canister to fit DSU 7

1L Suction Pump Canister to fit DSU 7


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Reusable 1 litter suction canister for collection of fluid waste when used with the DJMed DSU 7 suction pump

Its durable polypropylene construction allows for repeated autoclave sterilization and use across multiple patients and procedures.

Made of thick, impact-resistant polypropylene, this reusable suction canister can withstand the rigors of clinical use without cracking or leaking. The tight snap-fit lid creates an airtight, leak-proof seal during operation.

Easy to clean and disinfect, this canister is a cost-effective alternative to disposable suction liners. The included bacterial filter prevents fluids and aerosols from contaminating the suction pump itself.

Ensure you always have a sterile,ready-to-use canister on hand for your DJMed DSU 7 suction pump. This reusable 1L option reduces waste while providing reliable fluid collection.

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The reusable 1l suction pump collection canister is a high-performance, durable container designed specifically for compatibility with the DJMed DSU 7 suction unit. This canister is crafted to meet rigorous medical standards, providing a reliable and sustainable solution for fluid collection in various healthcare environments.

Fluid collection system with the reusable 1l suction pump collection canister, designed for the DJMed DSU 7 suction unit. Ensure reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable fluid management in your healthcare facility.