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Double Leg Elevator Positioning Wedge

Double Leg Elevator Positioning Wedge


The key to fast recovery is immobilizing the injured joints and bones and elevating them above your heart level to reduce blood pooling. With its contoured twin channels, this Double Leg Elevator Positioning Wedge has been developed to relieve swelling in a fast and easy way.

The memory foam cushions are incredibly soft and comfortable. Our convenient removable cover makes it easy to clean and keep fresh. Perfect for: leg casts, varicose veins, pregnancy, post-trauma & medical procedures, knee & leg injuries and ACL injuries.


Injured? It’s time to get on your feet again! Our Double leg elevator is the perfect solution for positioning an injured leg as you heal. The subtle contour provides enough support, and the removable cover makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Versatile
  • Stable
  • Easy maintenance

VERSATILE: Built to suit a wide range of needs. The form-fitting contours are ideal for anyone recovering from injury or surgery, including those with a cast, and those with swollen or edematous legs.

RELIEVES PAIN: Lower your pain while you elevate your legs. This positioning wedge will help you sit straight and reduce the pressure on your lower back, hips, and legs.

EASY CLEAN: The cover is removable, making cleaning simple.

DOUBLE LEG USE: Two leg use adds versatility and comfort to the positioning wedge.